People & professions in Polish 4.18/5 (17)

People & professions in Polish

People & professions in Polish

Learn the Polish names for days, months and seasons.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.


English Polish
human (being) / person Listen to Pronunciation człowiek
people / humans Listen to Pronunciation ludzie
woman Listen to Pronunciation kobieta
man Listen to Pronunciation mężczyzna
child Listen to Pronunciation dziecko
girl Listen to Pronunciation dziewczyna
boy Listen to Pronunciation chłopiec

Polish vocabulary on family and relatives can be found here.


English Polish
profession Listen to Pronunciation zawód
employee / worker Listen to Pronunciation pracownik
clerk / official Listen to Pronunciation urzędnik
colleague Listen to Pronunciation kolega
pensioner / retiree Listen to Pronunciation emeryt
unemployed person / jobseeker Listen to Pronunciation bezrobotny
doctor Listen to Pronunciation lekarz
journalist Listen to Pronunciation dziennikarz
engineer Listen to Pronunciation inżynier
boss Listen to Pronunciation szef
director Listen to Pronunciation dyrektor
manager Listen to Pronunciation menadżer
secretary Listen to Pronunciation sekretarka
driver Listen to Pronunciation kierowca
farmer Listen to Pronunciation rolnik
baker Listen to Pronunciation piekarz
salesman, saleswoman Listen to Pronunciation sprzedawca,
Listen to Pronunciation sprzedawczyni
nurse Listen to Pronunciation pielęgniarka
policeman, policewoman Listen to Pronunciation policjant,
Listen to Pronunciation policjantka
cook / chef Listen to Pronunciation kucharz
teacher, female teacher Listen to Pronunciation nauczyciel,
Listen to Pronunciation nauczycielka
shoemaker, shoemakers Listen to Pronunciation szewc,
Listen to Pronunciation szewcy
watchmaker, watchmakers Listen to Pronunciation zegarmistrz,
Listen to Pronunciation zegarmistrzowie

Work & Application

English Polish
(to) work Listen to Pronunciation pracować
work / job Listen to Pronunciation praca
workplace Listen to Pronunciation stanowisko pracy
employment / occupation Listen to Pronunciation zatrudnienie
office Listen to Pronunciation biuro
factory Listen to Pronunciation fabryka
construction site Listen to Pronunciation budowa
salary Listen to Pronunciation pensja
(to) earn Listen to Pronunciation zarabiać
(to) look for a job Listen to Pronunciation szukać pracy
(to) find a job Listen to Pronunciation znaleźć pracę
job interview Listen to Pronunciation rozmowa o pracę
CV Listen to Pronunciation CV
education Listen to Pronunciation wykształcenie
experience Listen to Pronunciation doświadczenie

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