Saying hello and goodbye in Polish 4.32/5 (310)

Saying hello and goodbye in Polish

Saying hello and goodbye in Polish

Learn basic Polish greeting and farewell expressions such as hi, good evening and see you tomorrow kan brawl stars niet download.

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English Polish
Hello Listen to Pronunciation Cześć
Good morning Listen to Pronunciation Dzień dobry
Good Day Listen to Pronunciation Dzień dobry
Good evening Listen to Pronunciation Dobry wieczór
Good night Listen to Pronunciation Dobranoc
Welcome (informal) Listen to Pronunciation Witaj
Welcome (formal) Listen to Pronunciation Witam pana/panią
Welcome back Listen to Pronunciation Witam ponownie


English Polish
Bye Listen to Pronunciation Cześć
Goodbye Listen to Pronunciation Do widzenia
Good night Listen to Pronunciation Dobranoc
Sleep well Listen to Pronunciation Śpij dobrze
See you / So long Listen to Pronunciation Na razie
See you tomorrow Listen to Pronunciation Do jutra
Farewell Listen to Pronunciation Trzymaj się
Beat it download microsoft for free! Listen to Pronunciation Spadaj eos kostenlosen chip!

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17 Responses to Saying hello and goodbye in Polish

  1. Gerald Cichocki says:

    This website is helping me more than Rosetta Stone “Jenzyk Polski” which I paid an arm and a leg for.

  2. Simsalabim says:

    Hey all, I want to learn Polish, can somebody help me und easify it to me?!

  3. Denise says:

    How do you say “how are you” in polish?

  4. Benjamin says:

    If hello is Czesc And good is Dobry why is good bye do widzenia?

    • Do widzenia is not a literal translation of the English words “good” and “bye”. It rather means something like see you again.

      Kind regards

    • Nina says:

      Dowidzenia means good bye. Czesc you will say only to people that you know very well or close friends and family. You will not use czesc to greed strangers.

  5. Zbyt niekulturalny says:

    Make sure to always say “Spadaj!” when saying goodbye!

  6. Annie says:

    ‘Pa’ is ‘bye’

  7. Natalia says:

    “Na razie” doesn’t mean “so long”, it’s rather something like informal “see you”

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