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Find helpful documents and tools to download to your computer or embed our widgets into your own website linux herunterladen und installieren.


Vocabulary Trainer

With our free Vocabulary Trainer Widget, the visitors of your website can learn Polish vocabulary and phrases in a fun way ionos zertifikat herunterladen. The widget contains more than 1000 words and phrases, sorted by topic and including professional voice recordings for learning the correct pronunciation materialien zum herunterladen.

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6 Responses to Downloads & Widgets

  1. Patrik Sternemark says:

    My love i found in Poland, so now i will learn a very hard language 🙂

  2. Frank Keating says:

    My wife is Polish and we are going over to Poland next year to see the relatives. So I am learning Polish so that I can Communicate on a very basic level. It is good fun and your Widgets are great to revise words and phrases. Dziekuje!!!

  3. Chris Moody says:

    My grandfather came here from Poland when he was little and now I am retracing my roots, and I am looking forward to learning Polish.

  4. david says:

    This site is a great complement to my ‘live’ lessons and really helps improve in all aspects of the language…dzienkuje bardzo

  5. Karolina says:

    Hello! My name’s Karolina, I’m from Poland. I think it page is really cool, because not too much people learn Polish. I also think it’s very difficult language, but I was born in Poland, I’m Polish, so now – I learn English ^^

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