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Family, Love & Friendship in Polish

Family, Love & Friendship in Polish

Learn basic Polish words and phrases and listen to their pronunciation.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.

Family & Relatives

English Polish
family, families Listen to Pronunciation rodzina,
Listen to Pronunciation rodziny
parents Listen to Pronunciation rodzice
father, fathers Listen to Pronunciation ojciec,
Listen to Pronunciation ojcowie
dad, dads Listen to Pronunciation tata,
Listen to Pronunciation tatowie
daddy, daddies Listen to Pronunciation tatuś,
Listen to Pronunciation tatusiowie
mother, mothers Listen to Pronunciation matka,
Listen to Pronunciation matki
mom, moms Listen to Pronunciation mama,
Listen to Pronunciation mamy
mommy, mommies Listen to Pronunciation mamusia,
Listen to Pronunciation mamusie
siblings / brothers and sisters Listen to Pronunciation rodzeństwo
brother Listen to Pronunciation brat
sister Listen to Pronunciation siostra
child, children Listen to Pronunciation dziecko,
Listen to Pronunciation dzieci
son, sons Listen to Pronunciation syn,
Listen to Pronunciation synowie
daughter, daughters Listen to Pronunciation córka,
Listen to Pronunciation córki
grandparents Listen to Pronunciation dziadkowie
grandfather, grandfathers Listen to Pronunciation dziadek,
Listen to Pronunciation dziadkowie
grandpa, grandpas Listen to Pronunciation dziadziuś,
Listen to Pronunciation dziadziusiowie
grandmother, grandmothers Listen to Pronunciation babka,
Listen to Pronunciation babki
grandma, grandmas Listen to Pronunciation babcia,
Listen to Pronunciation babcie
grandchild, grandchildren Listen to Pronunciation wnuczek,
Listen to Pronunciation wnuczkowie
uncle, uncles Listen to Pronunciation wujek,
Listen to Pronunciation wujkowie
aunt, aunts Listen to Pronunciation ciotka,
Listen to Pronunciation ciotki /
Listen to Pronunciation ciocia,
Listen to Pronunciation ciocie
cousin, cousins Listen to Pronunciation kuzyn,
Listen to Pronunciation kuzynka

Love & Friendship

English Polish
love Listen to Pronunciation miłość
(to) love Listen to Pronunciation kochać
I love you Listen to Pronunciation kocham cię
I love you very much Listen to Pronunciation bardzo cię kocham
boyfriend Listen to Pronunciation chłopak
girlfriend Listen to Pronunciation dziewczyna
Do you want to marry me? Listen to Pronunciation Wyjdziesz za mnie?
husband, husbands Listen to Pronunciation mąż,
Listen to Pronunciation mężowie
wife, wives Listen to Pronunciation żona,
Listen to Pronunciation żony
married (as a woman) Listen to Pronunciation zamężna
married (as a man) Listen to Pronunciation żonaty
friendship Listen to Pronunciation przyjaźń
friend (male), friend (female) Listen to Pronunciation przyjaciel,
Listen to Pronunciation przyjaciółka
I like you Listen to Pronunciation lubię cię

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