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Important Polish adjectives

Important Polish Adjectives

Learn the most important adjectives of the Polish language. Find more Polish adjectives in the other chapters, e.g. “Colors & Appearance”.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.

Important Polish adjectives

English Polish
good Listen to Pronunciation dobry
bad Listen to Pronunciation zły
right / correct Listen to Pronunciation dobrze
new Listen to Pronunciation nowy
old Listen to Pronunciation stary
small Listen to Pronunciation mały
large / big Listen to Pronunciation duży
short Listen to Pronunciation krótki
long Listen to Pronunciation długi
weak Listen to Pronunciation słaby
strong Listen to Pronunciation silny /
Listen to Pronunciation mocny
cheap Listen to Pronunciation tani
expensive Listen to Pronunciation drogi
for free Listen to Pronunciation bezpłatny
light / clear Listen to Pronunciation jasny
dark Listen to Pronunciation ciemny
late Listen to Pronunciation późny
early Listen to Pronunciation wczesny
easy / simple Listen to Pronunciation łatwy
interesting Listen to Pronunciation interesujący
boring Listen to Pronunciation nudny
tired Listen to Pronunciation zmęczony

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6 Responses to Basic Polish adjectives

  1. CRAIG BROWN says:

    very good reference guide for a difficult language thanks for your efforts

  2. judyta says:

    right – dobrze
    wrong – źle

    fałszywy means false (false money, false documents, false results or someone can be false)

  3. Władysław says:

    You have the incorrect link to the word “mocny”, perhaps it should be:

  4. Władysław says:

    weak=słaby, not słabo.

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