Countries & Languages in Polish 4.4/5 (10)

Countries & Languages in Polish

Countries & Languages in Polish

Learn basic Polish words and phrases and listen to their pronunciation.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.


English Polish
CountryPoland Listen to Pronunciation Polska
LanguagePolish Listen to Pronunciation polski
Polish language Listen to Pronunciation język polski
in Polish Listen to Pronunciation po polsku
Where from?from Poland Listen to Pronunciation z Polski
People (Singular, Masculine)Polish Listen to Pronunciation Polak
People (Singular, Feminine)Polish Listen to Pronunciation Polka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Polish Listen to Pronunciation Polacy
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Polish Listen to Pronunciation Polki
Adjective (Masculine/


Polish Listen to Pronunciation polski
Listen to Pronunciation polska
Listen to Pronunciation polskie


English Polish
CountryAmerica Listen to Pronunciation Ameryka
LanguageAmerican (english) Listen to Pronunciation amerykański
American language Listen to Pronunciation język amerykański
in American (english) Listen to Pronunciation po amerykańsku
Where from?from America Listen to Pronunciation z Ameryki
People (Singular, Masculine)American Listen to Pronunciation Amerykanin
People (Singular, Feminine)American Listen to Pronunciation Amerykanka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Americans Listen to Pronunciation Amerykanie
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Americans Listen to Pronunciation Amerykanki
Adjective (Masculine/


American Listen to Pronunciation amerykański
Listen to Pronunciation amerykańska
Listen to Pronunciation amerykańskie


English Polish
CountryEngland Listen to Pronunciation Anglia
LanguageEnglish Listen to Pronunciation angielski
English language Listen to Pronunciation język angielski
in English Listen to Pronunciation po angielsku
Where from?from England Listen to Pronunciation z Anglii
People (Singular, Masculine)English / Englishman Listen to Pronunciation Anglik
People (Singular, Feminine)English Listen to Pronunciation Angielka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) English / Englishmen Listen to Pronunciation Anglicy
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) English Listen to Pronunciation Angielki
Adjective (Masculine/


English Listen to Pronunciation angielski
Listen to Pronunciation angielska
Listen to Pronunciation angielskie


English Polish
CountryFrance Listen to Pronunciation Francja
LanguageFrench Listen to Pronunciation francuski
French language Listen to Pronunciation język francuski
in French Listen to Pronunciation po francusku
Where from?from France Listen to Pronunciation z Francji
People (Singular, Masculine)French / Frenchman Listen to Pronunciation Francuz
People (Singular, Feminine)French Listen to Pronunciation Francuzka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) French / Frenchmen Listen to Pronunciation Francuzi
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) French Listen to Pronunciation Francuzki
Adjective (Masculine/


French Listen to Pronunciation francuski
Listen to Pronunciation francuska
Listen to Pronunciation francuskie


English Polish
CountryItaly Listen to Pronunciation Włochy
LanguageItalian Listen to Pronunciation włoski
Italian language Listen to Pronunciation język włoski
in Italian Listen to Pronunciation po włosku
Where from?from Italy Listen to Pronunciation z Włoch
People (Singular, Masculine)Italian Listen to Pronunciation Włochy
People (Singular, Feminine)Italian Listen to Pronunciation Włoszka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Italians Listen to Pronunciation Włosi
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Italians Listen to Pronunciation Włoszki
Adjective (Masculine/


Italian Listen to Pronunciation włoski
Listen to Pronunciation włoska
Listen to Pronunciation włoskie


English Polish
CountrySpain Listen to Pronunciation Hiszpania
LanguageSpanish Listen to Pronunciation hiszpański
Spanish language Listen to Pronunciation język hiszpański
in Spanish Listen to Pronunciation po hiszpańsku
Where from?from Spain Listen to Pronunciation z Hiszpanii
People (Singular, Masculine)Spanish / Spaniard Listen to Pronunciation Hiszpan
People (Singular, Feminine)Spanish / Spaniard Listen to Pronunciation Hiszpanka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Spanish / Spaniards Listen to Pronunciation Hiszpanie
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Spanish / Spaniards Listen to Pronunciation Hiszpanki
Adjective (Masculine/


Spanish Listen to Pronunciation hiszpański
Listen to Pronunciation hiszpańska
Listen to Pronunciation hiszpańskie


English Polish
CountryRussia Listen to Pronunciation Rosja
LanguageRussian Listen to Pronunciation rosyjski
Russian language Listen to Pronunciation język rosyjski
in Russian Listen to Pronunciation po rosyjsku
Where from?from Russia Listen to Pronunciation z Rosji
People (Singular, Masculine)Russian Listen to Pronunciation Rosjanin
People (Singular, Feminine)Russian Listen to Pronunciation Rosjanka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Russians Listen to Pronunciation Rosjanie
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Russians Listen to Pronunciation Rosjanki
Adjective (Masculine/


Russian Listen to Pronunciation rosyjski
Listen to Pronunciation rosyjska
Listen to Pronunciation rosyjskie


English Polish
CountryGermany Listen to Pronunciation Niemcy
LanguageGerman Listen to Pronunciation niemiecki
German language Listen to Pronunciation język niemiecki
in German Listen to Pronunciation po niemiecku
Where from?from Germany Listen to Pronunciation z Niemiec
People (Singular, Masculine)German Listen to Pronunciation Niemiec
People (Singular, Feminine)German Listen to Pronunciation Niemka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Germans Listen to Pronunciation Niemcy
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Germans Listen to Pronunciation Niemki
Adjective (Masculine/


German Listen to Pronunciation niemiecki
Listen to Pronunciation niemiecka
Listen to Pronunciation niemieckie


English Polish
CountrySwitzerland Listen to Pronunciation Szwajcaria
LanguageSwiss Listen to Pronunciation szwajcarski
Swiss language Listen to Pronunciation język szwajcarski
in Swiss Listen to Pronunciation po szwajcarsku
Where from?from Switzerland Listen to Pronunciation ze Szwajcarii
People (Singular, Masculine)Swiss Listen to Pronunciation Szwajcar
People (Singular, Feminine)Swiss Listen to Pronunciation Szwajcarka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Swiss Listen to Pronunciation Szwajcarzy
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Swiss Listen to Pronunciation Szwajcarki
Adjective (Masculine/


Swiss Listen to Pronunciation szwajcarski
Listen to Pronunciation szwajcarska
Listen to Pronunciation szwajcarskie


English Polish
CountryAustria Listen to Pronunciation Austria
LanguageAustrian Listen to Pronunciation austriacki
Austrian language Listen to Pronunciation język austriacki
in Austrian Listen to Pronunciation po austriacku
Where from?from Austria Listen to Pronunciation z Austrii
People (Singular, Masculine)Austrian Listen to Pronunciation Austriak
People (Singular, Feminine)Austrian Listen to Pronunciation Austriaczka
People (Plural, Masculine)(the) Austrians Listen to Pronunciation Austriacy
People (Plural, Feminine)(the) Austrians Listen to Pronunciation Austriaczki
Adjective (Masculine/


Austrian Listen to Pronunciation austriacki
Listen to Pronunciation austriacka
Listen to Pronunciation austriackie

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13 Responses to Countries & Languages in Polish

  1. Lex says:

    Thank you for the very informative site 🙂
    Just too bad that the Netherlands are not included here, while most of the other European countries do.
    Any plans for that in the future?

    • Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I’m not quite sure about adding more languages as it might make the lesson harder to digest and therefore, ironically, make it less useful for everybody else. But I’d love to hear your and other readers’ opinion on this…

  2. Władysław says:

    from Switzerland=ze Szwajcarii

  3. Aiden Smith says:

    I learn few words in Polish after listing from your website it

  4. Jenniffer says:

    hi, what about Brazil?

    • Hi Jenniffer,
      there are more than 200 countries in the world, and I don’t think it would be sensible to add all of them 😉 I might add a few more ones in the future, but meanwhile you can just ask your preferred search engine for any missing translations.

      Best regards,

      • Sanjay says:

        I am agreed there are many countries in world but where we are using Plural like India as Indiach, could be included or countries those have some exceptional ending in Polish 🙂 my suggestion 🙂 ja tez studiowalem jezyka polskiego w Indiach i w polsce, zapomnialem jezyk polski z Mowic po polsku 🙂

  5. Marcus says:

    All nationalities and names of languages are spelled with capital letters in English.
    The forms of plural adjectives are missing. It’d be good to have them here, especially the masculine personal forms (polscy, niemieccy, włoscy etc.)

    • Mówić po polsku says:

      Hi Marcus,
      thanks a lot for your comment! I’ve fixed the errors and put the plural of adjectives on the list of things to add in the future.

      Best regards,

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