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Important Polish Nouns

Important Polish Nouns

Learn the most important nouns of the Polish language.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.

Important Polish nouns

English Polish
child Listen to Pronunciation dziecko
man Listen to Pronunciation mężczyzna
woman Listen to Pronunciation kobieta
family Listen to Pronunciation rodzina
town / city Listen to Pronunciation miasto
country Listen to Pronunciation kraj
world Listen to Pronunciation świat
house Listen to Pronunciation dom
car Listen to Pronunciation samochód
street / road Listen to Pronunciation ulica
shop Listen to Pronunciation sklep
door Listen to Pronunciation drzwi
table Listen to Pronunciation stół
chair Listen to Pronunciation krzesło
window Listen to Pronunciation okno
newspaper Listen to Pronunciation gazeta
book Listen to Pronunciation książka
biro / ballpen Listen to Pronunciation długopis
bag Listen to Pronunciation torba
rucksack Listen to Pronunciation plecak
happiness Listen to Pronunciation radość
love Listen to Pronunciation miłość
flower Listen to Pronunciation kwiat
ball Listen to Pronunciation piłka
work Listen to Pronunciation praca
vacation Listen to Pronunciation wakacje
passport Listen to Pronunciation paszport
language Listen to Pronunciation język
question Listen to Pronunciation pytanie
answer Listen to Pronunciation odpowiedź
beginning / start Listen to Pronunciation początek
end Listen to Pronunciation koniec

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