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Food & Drinks in Polish

Food & Drinks in Polish

Learn basic Polish words and phrases and listen to their pronunciation.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.

General Vocabulary

English Polish
(to) eat Listen to Pronunciation jeść
food Listen to Pronunciation jedzenie
(to) drink Listen to Pronunciation pić
drink, drinks Listen to Pronunciation napój,
Listen to Pronunciation napoje
hungry Listen to Pronunciation głodny
hunger Listen to Pronunciation głód
thirsty Listen to Pronunciation spragniony
thirst Listen to Pronunciation pragnienie
(to) cook Listen to Pronunciation gotować
(to) taste Listen to Pronunciation smakować
tasty Listen to Pronunciation smaczny
delicious Listen to Pronunciation pyszny
pickled Listen to Pronunciation kiszony
Bon appetit! / Enjoy your meal! Listen to Pronunciation Smacznego!
Cheers! / To your health! Listen to Pronunciation Na zdrowie!
breakfast Listen to Pronunciation śniadanie
lunch Listen to Pronunciation obiad
dinner Listen to Pronunciation kolacja
restaurant, restaurants Listen to Pronunciation restauracja,
Listen to Pronunciation restauracje
bar, bars Listen to Pronunciation bar,
Listen to Pronunciation bary
café, cafés Listen to Pronunciation kawiarnia,
Listen to Pronunciation kawiarnie


English Polish
sweet Listen to Pronunciation słodki
spicy Listen to Pronunciation pikantny
salty Listen to Pronunciation słony
bitter Listen to Pronunciation gorzki

Dishes & Cutlery

English Polish
cutlery Listen to Pronunciation sztućce
fork Listen to Pronunciation widelec
spoon Listen to Pronunciation łyżka
knife Listen to Pronunciation nóż
plate Listen to Pronunciation talerz
glass Listen to Pronunciation szklanka
cup Listen to Pronunciation filiżanka
mug Listen to Pronunciation kubek

Basic Foods & Spices

English Polish
bread, breads Listen to Pronunciation chleb,
Listen to Pronunciation chleby
roll, rolls Listen to Pronunciation bułka,
Listen to Pronunciation bułki
butter Listen to Pronunciation masło
cheese Listen to Pronunciation ser
honey Listen to Pronunciation miód
jam, jams Listen to Pronunciation dżem,
Listen to Pronunciation dżemy
egg, eggs Listen to Pronunciation jajko,
Listen to Pronunciation jajka
noodles Listen to Pronunciation makaron
rice Listen to Pronunciation ryż
yoghurt, yoghurts Listen to Pronunciation jogurt,
Listen to Pronunciation jogurty
sugar Listen to Pronunciation cukier
salt Listen to Pronunciation sól
pepper Listen to Pronunciation pieprz
spice, spices Listen to Pronunciation przyprawa,
Listen to Pronunciation przyprawy
oil Listen to Pronunciation olej

Fruit & Vegetables

English Polish
fruit Listen to Pronunciation owoce
vegetables Listen to Pronunciation warzywo /
Listen to Pronunciation jarzyny
apple, apples Listen to Pronunciation jabłko,
Listen to Pronunciation jabłek
orange, oranges Listen to Pronunciation pomarańcza,
Listen to Pronunciation pomarańcze
strawberry, strawberries Listen to Pronunciation truskawka,
Listen to Pronunciation truskawki
banana, bananas Listen to Pronunciation banan,
Listen to Pronunciation banany
potato, potatoes Listen to Pronunciation ziemniak,
Listen to Pronunciation ziemniaki
cucumber, cucumbers Listen to Pronunciation ogórek,
Listen to Pronunciation ogórki

Meat & Sausages

English Polish
meat Listen to Pronunciation mięso
sausage, sausages Listen to Pronunciation kiełbasa,
Listen to Pronunciation kiełbasy
small sausage, small sausages Listen to Pronunciation parówka,
Listen to Pronunciation parówki
ham (Sing., Plur.) Listen to Pronunciation szynka,
Listen to Pronunciation szynki
chicken (Sing., Plur.) Listen to Pronunciation kurczak,
Listen to Pronunciation kurczaki
fish (Sing., Plur.) Listen to Pronunciation ryba,
Listen to Pronunciation ryby
beef Listen to Pronunciation wołowina
pork Listen to Pronunciation wieprzowina
lamb Listen to Pronunciation jagnięcina


English Polish
soup, soups Listen to Pronunciation zupa,
Listen to Pronunciation zupy
salad, salads Listen to Pronunciation sałatka,
Listen to Pronunciation sałatki
french fries / chips Listen to Pronunciation frytki


English Polish
chocolate Listen to Pronunciation czekolada
torte, tortes Listen to Pronunciation tort,
Listen to Pronunciation torty
cake, cakes Listen to Pronunciation ciasto,
Listen to Pronunciation ciasta
biscuit, biscuits Listen to Pronunciation ciastko,
Listen to Pronunciation ciastka
icecream (Sing., Plur.) Listen to Pronunciation lód,
Listen to Pronunciation lody


English Polish
water Listen to Pronunciation woda
mineral water Listen to Pronunciation woda mineralna
soda water / sparkling water Listen to Pronunciation woda gazowana
still water Listen to Pronunciation woda niegazowana
juice, juices Listen to Pronunciation sok,
Listen to Pronunciation soki
beer Listen to Pronunciation piwo
wine Listen to Pronunciation wino
champagne Listen to Pronunciation szampan
cocktail Listen to Pronunciation koktajl
milk Listen to Pronunciation mleko
cocoa Listen to Pronunciation kakao
coffee Listen to Pronunciation kawa
tea Listen to Pronunciation herbata

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