Days of the week, months & seasons in Polish 4.45/5 (320)

Days of the week, months & seasons in Polish

Days of the week, months & seasons in Polish

Learn the Polish names for days, months and seasons ark free.

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Days of the week

English Polish
Monday Listen to Pronunciation poniedziałek
Tuesday Listen to Pronunciation wtorek
Wednesday Listen to Pronunciation środa
Thursday Listen to Pronunciation czwartek
Friday Listen to Pronunciation piątek
Saturday Listen to Pronunciation sobota
Sunday Listen to Pronunciation niedziela
Weekend Listen to Pronunciation weekend
English Polish
on Monday Listen to Pronunciation w poniedziałek
on Tuesday Listen to Pronunciation we wtorek
on Wednesday Listen to Pronunciation w środę
on Thursday Listen to Pronunciation w czwartek
on Friday Listen to Pronunciation w piątek
on Saturday Listen to Pronunciation w sobotę
on Sunday Listen to Pronunciation w niedzielę
at the weekend Listen to Pronunciation w weekend
English Polish
on Mondays Listen to Pronunciation w poniedziałki
on Tuesdays Listen to Pronunciation we wtorki
on Wednesdays Listen to Pronunciation w środy
on Thursdays Listen to Pronunciation w czwartki
on Fridays Listen to Pronunciation w piątki
on Saturdays Listen to Pronunciation w soboty
on Sundays Listen to Pronunciation w niedziele
at Weekends Listen to Pronunciation w weekendy

Times of Day

English Polish
morning Listen to Pronunciation ranek
forenoon Listen to Pronunciation przedpołudnie
noon Listen to Pronunciation południe
afternoon Listen to Pronunciation popołudnie
evening Listen to Pronunciation wieczór
night Listen to Pronunciation noc
midnight Listen to Pronunciation północ


English Polish
January Listen to Pronunciation styczeń
February Listen to Pronunciation luty
March Listen to Pronunciation marzec
April Listen to Pronunciation kwiecień
May Listen to Pronunciation maj
June Listen to Pronunciation czerwiec
July Listen to Pronunciation lipiec
August Listen to Pronunciation sierpień
September Listen to Pronunciation wrzesień
October Listen to Pronunciation październik
November Listen to Pronunciation listopad
December Listen to Pronunciation grudzień


English Polish
Spring Listen to Pronunciation wiosna
Summer Listen to Pronunciation lato
Autumn / Fall Listen to Pronunciation jesień
Winter Listen to Pronunciation zima

Note that months and days are not capitalized in the Polish language herunterladen.

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21 Responses to Days of the week, months & seasons in Polish

  1. ares says:

    Hello, is it w vrody or w środy?
    (On Wednesdays)

  2. Milingophile says:

    Thanks to the site! now it made easy for me to catch basic infos in polish! Kocham polsce 🙂

  3. wojciech simpson says:

    Great for looking up things in both English to polish and the othrr way round.

  4. M says:

    Czesc 🙂 Good introduction to some key Polish! My only comment is that months and days are not capitalized in the Polish language.

  5. Isabel says:

    Wow.. Thanks for this website.. My boyfriend is Polish, and his mom doesn’t speak English, so I’m very interested in learning the language…

  6. Supa says:


    I want to know how do i write “Wednesday, 18 November 2015” in Polish?, Thank you!

  7. Thalia Soares says:

    Thanks for the website! Dzięki za website! 😛

    Mam 1 question dla ciebie. What’s the difference between w środę, for example, and w środy? Isn’t it “on” Wednesday?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Thalia,
      thanks for your nice comment!
      The difference is quite simple: “w środę” refers to a certain day, while “w środy” means that an event occurs every wednesday.

      Kind regards,

  8. Kristian says:

    Hi Tobi,

    I really appreciate all the info in regard to learning Polish. Would you by chance know where I could find an overview with the conjugations of most of the verbs?

    Cheers, Kris

  9. uriel says:

    nice website to learn polish

  10. Valek says:

    Hi Tobi,
    Thx a lot for your app app2brain. Very useful. Indeed. You could upgrade it by addind a%score 😉 (eg. 80% success..

    Once again thank you dude for your time. moja zona jest polka. She is going to be very proud of my progress in polish 😉

    • Hi Valek,

      thanks a lot for your comment, I’m glad you find App2Brain useful! I’m planning to add scores and some other nice features to the Vocabulary Trainer app in the near future. So stay tuned for updates 🙂

      Best regards and a Happy New Year,

  11. omar says:

    Hello Can I buy a DVD to learn the Polish language
    Arabic – polish?

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