Colors, Appearance & Attributes in Polish 4.39/5 (28)

Colors, Appearance & Attributes in Polish

Colors, Appearance & Attributes in Polish

Learn the Polish names of colors as well as adjectives to describe the appearance and attributes of people and objects.

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English Polish
color, colors Listen to Pronunciation kolor, Listen to Pronunciation kolory /
Listen to Pronunciation farba, Listen to Pronunciation farby
colored Listen to Pronunciation kolorowy
light Listen to Pronunciation jasny
dark Listen to Pronunciation ciemny
white Listen to Pronunciation biały
black Listen to Pronunciation czarny
yellow Listen to Pronunciation żółty
orange Listen to Pronunciation pomarańczowy
red Listen to Pronunciation czerwony
pink Listen to Pronunciation różowy
violet Listen to Pronunciation fioletowy
blue Listen to Pronunciation niebieski
green Listen to Pronunciation zielony
brown Listen to Pronunciation brązowy
grey Listen to Pronunciation szary

Appearance & Attributes

English Polish
young Listen to Pronunciation młody
new Listen to Pronunciation nowy
old Listen to Pronunciation stary
small Listen to Pronunciation mały
big Listen to Pronunciation duży
small (when talking about people) Listen to Pronunciation niski
middle sized (when talking about people) Listen to Pronunciation średniego wzrostu
tall (when talking about people) Listen to Pronunciation wysoki
fat Listen to Pronunciation gruby
thin / slim Listen to Pronunciation szczupły
nice / pretty Listen to Pronunciation ładny
beautiful Listen to Pronunciation piękny
ugly Listen to Pronunciation brzydki
kind / pleasant Listen to Pronunciation miły
unkind / unpleasant Listen to Pronunciation niemiły
happy / cheerful Listen to Pronunciation wesoły
sad Listen to Pronunciation smutny
ill / sick Listen to Pronunciation chory
healthy Listen to Pronunciation zdrowy
sporty Listen to Pronunciation wysportowany
active Listen to Pronunciation aktywny
ambitious Listen to Pronunciation ambitny
intelligent Listen to Pronunciation inteligentny
creative Listen to Pronunciation kreatywny
sentimental Listen to Pronunciation sentymentalny
rational Listen to Pronunciation racjonalny
emotional Listen to Pronunciation emocjonalny
natural Listen to Pronunciation naturalny
romantic Listen to Pronunciation romantyczny
nice / amiable Listen to Pronunciation sympatyczny
spontaneous Listen to Pronunciation spontaniczny
energetic Listen to Pronunciation energiczny
stressed (out) Listen to Pronunciation zestresowany
relaxed Listen to Pronunciation zrelaksowany
patient Listen to Pronunciation cierpliwy
frustrated Listen to Pronunciation sfrustrowany
talented Listen to Pronunciation utalentowany

Questions & Phrases

English Polish
What does he look like? Listen to Pronunciation Jak on wygląda?
What does she look like? Listen to Pronunciation Jak ona wygląda?
What is he like? Listen to Pronunciation Jaki on jest?
What is she like? Listen to Pronunciation Jaka ona jest?

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