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Cities & Traffic in Polish

Polish Vocabulary: Cities & Traffic

Learn basic Polish words and phrases and listen to their pronunciation.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.

Cities and Places

English Polish
town / city Listen to Pronunciation miasto
house Listen to Pronunciation dom
building Listen to Pronunciation budynek
street / road Listen to Pronunciation ulica
avenue Listen to Pronunciation aleja
bridge Listen to Pronunciation most
center Listen to Pronunciation centrum
crossing Listen to Pronunciation skrzyżowanie
square Listen to Pronunciation plac /
Listen to Pronunciation skwer
park Listen to Pronunciation park
landmark / sight Listen to Pronunciation zabytek
monument Listen to Pronunciation pomnik

Shops, Buildings and Institutions

English Polish
shop Listen to Pronunciation sklep
department store Listen to Pronunciation dom towarowy
kiosk Listen to Pronunciation kiosk
bakery Listen to Pronunciation piekarnia
confectionery Listen to Pronunciation cukiernia
butcher’s Listen to Pronunciation sklep mięsny
market Listen to Pronunciation targ
library Listen to Pronunciation biblioteka
church Listen to Pronunciation kościół
cinema Listen to Pronunciation kino
theater Listen to Pronunciation teatr
hotel Listen to Pronunciation hotel
bank Listen to Pronunciation bank
school Listen to Pronunciation szkoła
university Listen to Pronunciation uniwersytet
kindergarten Listen to Pronunciation przedszkole
chemist’s / drugstore Listen to Pronunciation apteka
hospital Listen to Pronunciation szpital

Traffic, Vehicles and Transportation

English Polish
vehicle Listen to Pronunciation pojazd
car Listen to Pronunciation samochód
train Listen to Pronunciation pociąg
bus Listen to Pronunciation autobus
tram Listen to Pronunciation tramwaj
metro Listen to Pronunciation metro
bicycle Listen to Pronunciation rower
motorbike Listen to Pronunciation motor
taxi Listen to Pronunciation taksówka
plane Listen to Pronunciation samolot
ship Listen to Pronunciation statek
(train) station Listen to Pronunciation dworzec
main station Listen to Pronunciation dworzec główny
stop Listen to Pronunciation przystanek
station / stop Listen to Pronunciation stacja
parking area Listen to Pronunciation parking
petrol station Listen to Pronunciation stacja benzynowa
(to) go by car Listen to Pronunciation jeździć samochodem
(to) go by motorbike Listen to Pronunciation jeździć na motorze / jeździć na motocyklu
(to) go by bike Listen to Pronunciation jeździć na rowerze
(to) go by bus Listen to Pronunciation jeździć autobusem
(to) go by metro Listen to Pronunciation jeździć metrem

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