Body, Health & Illnesses in Polish 4.36/5 (14)

Body, Health & Illnesses in Polish

Body, Health & Illnesses in Polish

Learn basic Polish words and phrases and listen to their pronunciation.

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.

The Body

English Polish
body, bodies Listen to Pronunciation ciało,
Listen to Pronunciation ciała
head, heads Listen to Pronunciation głowa,
Listen to Pronunciation głowy
face, faces Listen to Pronunciation twarz,
Listen to Pronunciation twarze
eye, eyes Listen to Pronunciation oko,
Listen to Pronunciation oczy
ear, ears Listen to Pronunciation ucho,
Listen to Pronunciation uszy
nose, noses Listen to Pronunciation nos,
Listen to Pronunciation nosy
mouth, mouths Listen to Pronunciation buzia,
Listen to Pronunciation buzie
tongue, tongues Listen to Pronunciation język,
Listen to Pronunciation języki
neck, necks Listen to Pronunciation szyja,
Listen to Pronunciation szyje
chest Listen to Pronunciation klatka piersiowa
back / shoulder Listen to Pronunciation plecy
stomach, stomachs Listen to Pronunciation brzuch,
Listen to Pronunciation brzuchy
heart, hearts Listen to Pronunciation serce,
Listen to Pronunciation serca
arm, arms Listen to Pronunciation ramię,
Listen to Pronunciation ramiona
elbow, elbows Listen to Pronunciation łokieć,
Listen to Pronunciation łokcie
hand, hands Listen to Pronunciation ręka,
Listen to Pronunciation ręce
right hand Listen to Pronunciation prawa ręka
left hand Listen to Pronunciation lewa ręka
finger, fingers Listen to Pronunciation palec,
Listen to Pronunciation palce
leg, legs Listen to Pronunciation noga,
Listen to Pronunciation nogi
foot, feet Listen to Pronunciation stopa,
Listen to Pronunciation stopy
skin Listen to Pronunciation skóra
hair (sing., plur.) Listen to Pronunciation włos,
Listen to Pronunciation włosy
tooth, teeth Listen to Pronunciation ząb,
Listen to Pronunciation zęby
blood Listen to Pronunciation krew

Health & Illnesses

English Polish
healthy Listen to Pronunciation zdrowy
ill / sick Listen to Pronunciation chory
ache, aches Listen to Pronunciation ból,
Listen to Pronunciation bóle
My … aches / hurts. Listen to Pronunciation Boli mnie…
My … ache / hurt. Listen to Pronunciation Bolą mnie…
I have a stomach ache. Listen to Pronunciation Boli mnie brzuch.
My legs hurt. Listen to Pronunciation Bolą mnie nogi.
doctor Listen to Pronunciation lekarz
medical office / doctor’s surgery Listen to Pronunciation gabinet lekarski
chemists Listen to Pronunciation apteka
hospital Listen to Pronunciation szpital
illness / malady Listen to Pronunciation choroba

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