Nice workaround for incomplete English version of site.

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Gregory Wojnar asked 2 years ago

Tobias, since the English version of your site is incomplete, You may want to post the following message at the top of the English version: “The complete version of this site is available in German at ….; English speakers can use this by using automatic translation via your browser or Google translate.” This worked almost perfectly for me — thank You for putting this site together! There were just a small few imperfections encountered via this workaround: sometimes there is a spelling that constitutes one word in Polish and another word in German, e.g. “ja”= “I” & “ja”= “yes”; “brat” = “brother” & “brat” = “roast”; “się” = “self” & “sie” = “she/they”; “nie” = “not” & “nie” = “never”; “was” = “us” & “was” = “what”. A few other less clear situations: “rz” intended as the Polish digraph, was automatically translated from the German as “March” with the translater guessing it was “Marz”; there was another case something like “sie nich” being guessed by the translater as “sie nicht” (“she not”). Actually, for me these were fun challenges to decipher, but I don’t imagine that everyone will enjoy them! Still, it’s a very useful workaround.

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