Nice workaround for incomplete English version of site.

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Gregory Wojnar asked 2 years ago

Tobias, since the English version of your site is incomplete, You may want to post the following message at the top of the English version: “The complete version of this site is available in German at ….; English speakers can use this by using automatic translation via your browser or Google translate.” This worked almost perfectly for me — thank You for putting this site together hatteen! There were just a small few imperfections encountered via this workaround: sometimes there is a spelling that constitutes one word in Polish and another word in German, e.g bookii stift herunterladen. “ja”= “I” & “ja”= “yes”; “brat” = “brother” & “brat” = “roast”; “się” = “self” & “sie” = “she/they”; “nie” = “not” & “nie” = “never”; “was” = “us” & “was” = “what” minecraft pocket edition for free. A few other less clear situations: “rz” intended as the Polish digraph, was automatically translated from the German as “March” with the translater guessing it was “Marz”; there was another case something like “sie nich” being guessed by the translater as “sie nicht” (“she not”) wie kann man spiele herunterladen. Actually, for me these were fun challenges to decipher, but I don’t imagine that everyone will enjoy them! Still, it’s a very useful workaround gratis powerpoint templates downloaden.

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