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Numbers, Ordinal Numbers and Fractions in Polish

Numbers, Ordinal Numbers and Fractions

Like nearly all words in Polish, numbers have to be adapted to the grammatical gender of the respective noun. Mówić po polsku is the only website offering a complete overview of Polish numbers, ordinal numbers and fractions including their feminine, masculine and neuter forms (where applicable).

This page is part of the chapter “Polish vocabulary and phrases“.

Polish Numbers

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Number English Polish
0zero Listen to Pronunciation zero
1one Listen to Pronunciation jeden (m)
Listen to Pronunciation jedna (f)
Listen to Pronunciation jedno (n)
2two Listen to Pronunciation dwa (m, n)
Listen to Pronunciation dwie (f)
3three Listen to Pronunciation trzy
4four Listen to Pronunciation cztery
5five Listen to Pronunciation pięć
6six Listen to Pronunciation sześć
7seven Listen to Pronunciation siedem
8eight Listen to Pronunciation osiem
9nine Listen to Pronunciation dziewięć
10ten Listen to Pronunciation dziesięć
11eleven Listen to Pronunciation jedenaście
12twelve Listen to Pronunciation dwanaście
13thirteen Listen to Pronunciation trzynaście
14fourteen Listen to Pronunciation czternaście
15fifteen Listen to Pronunciation piętnaście
16sixteen Listen to Pronunciation szesnaście
17seventeen Listen to Pronunciation siedemnaście
18eighteen Listen to Pronunciation osiemnaście
19nineteen Listen to Pronunciation dziewiętnaście
20twenty Listen to Pronunciation dwadzieścia
21twenty-one Listen to Pronunciation dwadzieścia jeden
30thirty Listen to Pronunciation trzydzieści
40fourty Listen to Pronunciation czterdzieści
50fifty Listen to Pronunciation pięćdziesiąt
60sixty Listen to Pronunciation sześćdziesiąt
70seventy Listen to Pronunciation siedemdziesiąt
80eighty Listen to Pronunciation osiemdziesiąt
90ninety Listen to Pronunciation dziewięćdziesiąt
100one hundred Listen to Pronunciation sto
101one hundred and one Listen to Pronunciation sto jeden
200two hundred Listen to Pronunciation dwieście
300three hundred Listen to Pronunciation trzysta
400four hundred Listen to Pronunciation czterysta
500five hundred Listen to Pronunciation pięćset
600six hundred Listen to Pronunciation sześćset
700seven hundred Listen to Pronunciation siedemset
800eight hundred Listen to Pronunciation osiemset
900nine hundred Listen to Pronunciation dziewięćset
1000one thousand Listen to Pronunciation tysiąc
2000two thousand Listen to Pronunciation dwa tysiące
3000three thousand Listen to Pronunciation trzy tysiące
5000five thousand Listen to Pronunciation pięć tysięcy
100.000one hundred thousand Listen to Pronunciation sto tysięcy
1.000.000one million Listen to Pronunciation milion

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Our three-page PDF file is the ultimate cheat-sheet to the Polish Numbers. It contains all the tables shown on this page.

The Polish Numbers PDF file

Polish Numbers (Ordinal Numbers)

Video: Polish Ordinal Numbers from 1 to 20

English Polish (feminine / masculine / neuter)
1.first Listen to Pronunciation pierwsza
Listen to Pronunciation pierwszy
Listen to Pronunciation pierwsze
2.second Listen to Pronunciation druga
Listen to Pronunciation drugi
Listen to Pronunciation drugie
3.third Listen to Pronunciation trzecia
Listen to Pronunciation trzeci
Listen to Pronunciation trzecie
4.fourth Listen to Pronunciation czwarta
Listen to Pronunciation czwarty
Listen to Pronunciation czwarte
5.fifth Listen to Pronunciation piąta
Listen to Pronunciation piąty
Listen to Pronunciation piąte
6.sixth Listen to Pronunciation szósta
Listen to Pronunciation szósty
Listen to Pronunciation szóste
7.seventh Listen to Pronunciation siódma
Listen to Pronunciation siódmy
Listen to Pronunciation siódme
8.eighth Listen to Pronunciation ósma
Listen to Pronunciation ósmy
Listen to Pronunciation ósme
9.ninth Listen to Pronunciation dziewiąta
Listen to Pronunciation dziewiąty
Listen to Pronunciation dziewiąte
10.tenth Listen to Pronunciation dziesiąta
Listen to Pronunciation dziesiąty
Listen to Pronunciation dziesiąte
11.eleventh Listen to Pronunciation jedenasta
Listen to Pronunciation jedenasty
Listen to Pronunciation jedenaste
12.twelfth Listen to Pronunciation dwunasta
Listen to Pronunciation dwunasty
Listen to Pronunciation dwunaste
13.thirteenth Listen to Pronunciation trzynasta
Listen to Pronunciation trzynasty
Listen to Pronunciation trzynaste
14.fourteenth Listen to Pronunciation czternasta
Listen to Pronunciation czternasty
Listen to Pronunciation czternaste
15.fifteenth Listen to Pronunciation piętnasta
Listen to Pronunciation piętnasty
Listen to Pronunciation piętnaste
16.sixteenth Listen to Pronunciation szesnasta
Listen to Pronunciation szesnasty
Listen to Pronunciation szesnaste
17.seventeenth Listen to Pronunciation siedemnasta
Listen to Pronunciation siedemnasty
Listen to Pronunciation siedemnaste
18.eighteenth Listen to Pronunciation osiemnasta
Listen to Pronunciation osiemnasty
Listen to Pronunciation osiemnaste
19.nineteenth Listen to Pronunciation dziewiętnasta
Listen to Pronunciation dziewiętnasty
Listen to Pronunciation dziewiętnaste
20.twentieth Listen to Pronunciation dwudziesta
Listen to Pronunciation dwudziesty
Listen to Pronunciation dwudzieste
21.twenty first Listen to Pronunciation dwudziesta pierwsza
Listen to Pronunciation dwudziesty pierwszy
Listen to Pronunciation dwudzieste pierwsze
30.thirtieth Listen to Pronunciation trzydziesta
Listen to Pronunciation trzydziesty
Listen to Pronunciation trzydzieste
100.hundredth Listen to Pronunciation setna
Listen to Pronunciation setny
Listen to Pronunciation setne
101.hundred-first Listen to Pronunciation sto pierwsza
Listen to Pronunciation sto pierwszy
Listen to Pronunciation sto pierwsze
200.two-hundredth Listen to Pronunciation dwusetna
Listen to Pronunciation dwusetny
Listen to Pronunciation dwusetne
300.three-hundredth Listen to Pronunciation trzechsetna
Listen to Pronunciation trzechsetny
Listen to Pronunciation trzechsetne
400.four-hundredth Listen to Pronunciation czterechsetna
Listen to Pronunciation czterechsetny
Listen to Pronunciation czterechsetne
500.five-hundredth Listen to Pronunciation pięćsetna
Listen to Pronunciation pięćsetny
Listen to Pronunciation pięćsetne
1000.thousandth Listen to Pronunciation tysięczna
Listen to Pronunciation tysięczny
Listen to Pronunciation tysięczne
2000.two-thousandth Listen to Pronunciation dwutysięczna
Listen to Pronunciation dwutysięczny
Listen to Pronunciation dwutysięczne
3000.three-thousandth Listen to Pronunciation trzytysięczna
Listen to Pronunciation trzytysięczny
Listen to Pronunciation trzytysięczne
5000.five-thousandth Listen to Pronunciation pięciotysięczna
Listen to Pronunciation pięciotysięczny
Listen to Pronunciation pięciotysięczne
100.000.hundred-thousandth Listen to Pronunciation stutysięczna
Listen to Pronunciation stutysięczny
Listen to Pronunciation stutysięczne
1.000.000.millionth Listen to Pronunciation milionowa
Listen to Pronunciation milionowy
Listen to Pronunciation milionowe

Polish Fraction Numbers

Number English Polish
1/2one half Listen to Pronunciation pół
1 1/2one and a half Listen to Pronunciation półtora / jeden i pół (m, n)
półtorej / jedna i pół (f)
1/3one third Listen to Pronunciation jedna trzecia
2/3two thirds Listen to Pronunciation dwie trzecie
1/4one quarter Listen to Pronunciation ćwierć / jedna czwarta
3/4three quarters Listen to Pronunciation trzy czwarte
1/5one fifth Listen to Pronunciation jedna piąta
5/8five eighths Listen to Pronunciation pięć ósmych

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Download this page

Our three-page PDF file is the ultimate cheat-sheet to the Polish Numbers. It contains all the tables shown on this page.

The Polish Numbers PDF file

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