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Polish Videos and Podcasts

Polish Videos and Podcasts

With these Videos and Podcasts you can improve your Polish skills and pronunciation “in passing” while going by train, ironing your laundry or during your coffee break at work.

They are the perfect addition to our chapters Polish vocabulary & everyday expressions and Polish grammar!

Polish Videos

Polish Alphabet & Pronunciation

Learn the Pronunciation of the Polish Alphabet by listening to sample words for each letter.

Polish Numbers

Learn the Polish numbers and their correct pronunciation.

Polish Numbers from 0 to 20

Polish Numbers from 10 to 100

Polish 101

A video series by The Travel Linguist, covering different topics of the Polish language.

Greetings – Level One

Polish 101 - Greetings - Level One

Greetings – Level Two

Polish 101 - Greetings - Level Two

Greetings – Level Three

Polish 101 - Greetings - Level Three

Numbers & Days of the week

Polish 101 - Numbers & Days

Common words & phrases – Level One

Polish 101 - Common Words & Phrases - Level One

Common words & phrases – Level Two

Polish 101 - Common Words & Phrases - Level Two

Common words & phrases – Level Three

Polish 101 - Common Words & Phrases - Level Three

Shopping – Level One

Polish 101 - Shopping - Level One

Shopping – Level Two

Polish 101 - Shopping - Level Two

Shopping – Level Three

Polish 101 - Shopping - Level Three

More great videos
Our friends at App2Brain have compiled the ultimate list of Top 10 free Videos & Playlists for learning Polish.
Check it out!

Polish Podcasts

Bloggy Polish

A podcast series by bloggypolish.co.uk, covering different topics of the Polish language.

Lesson 1: Saying hello & goodbye, introducing oneself (Download)

Lesson 2: Valentine’s Day, saying “I love you” (Download)

Lesson 3: Saying where you’re from and that you don’t understand Polish very well (Download)

Lesson 4: Asking how people are and saying how you feel (Download)

Lesson 5: Numbers from 0 to 10 (Download)

Lesson 6: Polite phrases (Download)

Lesson 7: Polish Easter traditions (Download)

Lesson 8: Numbers from 11 to 29 (Download)

Lesson 9: The verb “to be” in Polish (Download)

Lesson 10: The verb “to have” in Polish (Download)

Lesson 11: Useful adjectives (Download)

Lesson 12: Numbers up to 100 (Download)

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